Hank Born

music for the mind and soul

Hank Born is a Nashville based guitarist combining influences from Herbie Hancock and George Benson, to John Scofield and the Allman Brothers. Splitting time between working with Nashville based Jazz/R&B band Dynamo and his own music,   Hank istour promoting debut record "Daring the Wind" with a live show is a vibey and energetic experience that combines the art of improvisation with infectious feel-good groove.

       Hank Born is a guitarist and composer based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Savvy to a wide range of styles, he has toured and recorded with a variety of artists on both the major-label and independent level.  In addition to working as a versatile sideman, he is a member of jazz/R&B group Dynamo and as well as composing, recording, and performing his own original music.

   Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hank grew up inspired by soul, blues, and rock music.  After moving to Nashville to study music in 2009, jazz and various styles of improvisational music captivated him.  Blending influences from a wide variety of genres and decades has provided a professional sensibility.  Whether it's creating an ambient dreamscape with lush reverbs and delays, sitting deep in the pocket with spanky clean tone, or rocking out with raw and punchy overdrive, Hank can adapt and thrive stylistically and sonically in any situation.  

     After working as a freelance guitarist for artists such as The Muddy Magnolias, Craig Wayne Boyd, Jacob Whitesides, and Adam Craig, he became a full-time member of Dynamo, an 11 piece jazz/funk/r&b band that takes influences from classic bands such as Steely Dan and Earth, Wind, and Fire, and combines them with modern gospel and jazz sensibilities.  He is also currently collaborating and performing with artist such as Corey Leiter, RJ Bracchitta, and Katie Pruitt.

    Hank went into Toy Box Studio in April on 2017 and recorded his first solo record.  Combining an appreciation for George Benson, Herbie Hancock, The Allman Brothers, and John Scofield, his first record entitled "Daring the Wind" fuses a love for the spirit of improvisation with the infectious nature of groove.